Rent The Met

Perfect For Your Performance

Thank you for considering the Metropolitan Theatre for your event. The Metropolitan Theatre is a rental facility that is available to the general public for any use approved by theatre management. The Metropolitan Theatre has friendly qualified staff, state-of–the-art sound and lighting equipment, and offers video projection capabilities. The facility is rented on a “per day” basis.

Rental of the facility allows renters access to the, auditorium, stage, and dressing room areas from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. on day of rental only.

The lobby may be used for entrance into the main theatre only and is not to be used as an office, set/costume/prop area at any time, nor can it be used as a food area, there is no outside food or drinks other than water allowed into the theatre building at any time.

A picture of the play "Assassins".
Photo from Wynonna Judd Concert

Rental Hours

Additional hours for load-in, load-out or any special set-up needs may be purchased on an hourly basis and can be arranged with theatre management prior to the event day. The Metropolitan Theatre is a non-union facility; however, there are situations where union labor may need to be used at the renters expense, and in situations where overhead rigging is utilized, union labor may be required. All rigging, flying or hanging set pieces must be approved by house management before it is put on battens. Absolutely no minors may operate any of the theatre equipment.

Metropolitan Theatre Rental Policies

All renters of The Metropolitan Theatre are required to follow the Metropolitan Theatre Rental Policies. Renter is responsible for any and all damage to theatre sound, lighting, and video equipment used, as well as facility dressing room and backstage areas. Renter is responsible to clean all of the dressing room and backstage areas before end of load-out. All props, costumes, set pieces and other property of the renter must be removed at the end of the final rental day. All the rental fees, including additional charges for sound, lighting, video, extra staff, are to be paid at time of load-in.