Ticketed Event Rules:

Prohibited Items & Restrictions

  • No outside food & beverages

  • No Alcohol & Illegal drugs/substances

  • Bags that are not clear

  • All coolers, firearms, or weapons of any kind will not be permitted into the Metropolitan Theatre

  • including but not limited to knives, guns, mace, pepper spray etc.

  • Animals (except service animals)

  • GoPros, Selfie Sticks, iPads or tablets, Video cameras and Drones

  • Wallet chains, Boot Spurs & Laser pointers

  • Signs, posters, or flags

  • Wagons or large non-collapsible stroller

  • Fireworks or any other flammables

  • Smoking & vaping is not permitted in the theatre. Guests are also not permitted to exit the theatre to smoke, reentry will not be permitted.

  • Any other item that may pose a threat to other guests, staff, or performers.

Failure to comply with any of these restrictions may result in an immediate ejection from the event with no refund.

Permitted Items

  • Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC tote bags (small bags are also permitted)

  • Standard size 3′ diameter umbrella- closed while inside

  • Pocket size digital/disposable camera – non-professional only, no detachable lenses

  • Small binoculars

*subject to change per event